Tuesday, 19.04.16 to Wednesday, 20.04.16 - Maison de l’Avocat – Adlieh – Beirut | Human Rights | Event

International Seminar on Effectivness of the Role of International Tribunals in upholding Human Rights - Realties and Perspectives

How to make sure that the local and national level law enforcement on Human Rights stays compatible with the international one?


Wednesday, 04.04.18 to Thursday, 05.04.18 - Crown Plaza Hotel Hamra – Beirut | Sustainable Development | Event

Regional Workshop for Oil and Gas Workers in the MENA region

The 4th coordination meeting of IndustriALL Global Union affiliates from the MENA region in Beirut.


Friday, 23.03.18 - Smallville Hotel – Badaro | Sustainable Development | Event

The Lebanese Coalition for Good Goverance in Extractive Industries is launched

FES engages as one of the 9 partners to fight for considering Civil Society and its ideas when Lebanon starts its oil and gas exploration.


Tuesday, 20.03.18 to Friday, 23.03.18 - USJ University Campus – Beirut | Participation in a vibrant society | Event

Finals for CPM’s 2nd Interuniversity Competition in Mediation

For the second time the University Saint Joseph hosted a countrywide mediation competition for students.


Thursday, 15.03.18 - Rivierera Hotel – Beirut | Sustainable Development | Event

The current state of Agriculture in Lebanon

Agriculture has been largely sidelined in the political discourse for the last two decades. This conference aimed appraising needs and sketching...


Saturday, 17.02.18 - Rivierera Hotel – Beirut | Sustainable Development | Event

The Lebanese Electricity System in a Deadlock?

A reliable and affordable electricity system is at the core of a prosperous community. Yet Lebanon has failed to deliver to its citizens in the...


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