Thursday, 15.03.18 - Rivierera Hotel – Beirut

The current state of Agriculture in Lebanon

Agriculture has been largely sidelined in the political discourse for the last two decades. This conference aimed appraising needs and sketching possible solutions.

Photo: FES Lebanon

Photo: FES Lebanon

Photo: FES Lebanon

Photo: FES Lebanon

Photo: FES Lebanon

Organised by the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) around 160 stakeholders and experts on agriculture in Lebanon gathered in the Riviera Hotel on March 15 in order to discuss current problems and challenges of agriculturist and peasants.

The idea was to not only to shift the political focus in the upcoming election on the situation of this crucial profession but also to propose steps to help those persons active in the sector who have suffered severely from the war in Syria mainly because of closed export roads. The participants involved also representatives from ministries and government institutions as well as business, science and local interest groups.

In three panels speakers tried to outline the current realities from different perspectives with the view to constructively analyse shortcomings and open up ways for improvements. The variety of issues discussed stretched from tariffs to social security, export markets, investment plans, better implementation of already existing laws and environmental questions.

The results will be summarized in a booklet which will be published in the course of this year.

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