Thursday, 08.11.18 to Thursday, 08.11.18 - Grand Hall, Municipality of Sin El Fil, Lebanon

“Our Profession, Our Responsibility”

More than 400 participants attended the launching of the Lebanese Social Workers’ syndicate’s Code of Ethics and website. These active young syndicate members showed high levels of professionalism while discussing their career struggles and their indirect effect on marginalized people and other groups in need of their assistance.


Photo: FES Lebanon

With the support of FES and under the patronage of the Minister of Social Affairs H.E. Pierre Bou Assi, the syndicate of Social Workers in Lebanon organized its conference to launch their Code of Ethics and website

The conference entitled “Our Profession, Our Responsibility - Accountability, Transparency And Commitment” was attended by more than 400 participants including representatives from the Internal Security Forces, Lebanese Armed Forces, concerned ministries, UN agencies, embassies, regional and international associations, trade union as well as judges, clergymen, mayors, academics and students.

The panel discussions focused on:

1. The legal value of the ethics and their impact on the profession and its beneficiaries.

2. The scientific value of the code and how it stimulates the development of the profession and performance in general.

3. The institutional value of ethics codes.

The conference also stressed out the need to progressively update the content of the Code by a committee of specialists constantly advising, supporting and reviewing upcoming challenges.

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