Friday, 27.04.18 to Sunday, 29.04.18 - Bethania Hotel – Harissa

LYLOT programme 4th generation launched

The selection conference for the 4th generation of your young leaders programme.

Photo: Kevork Zeytounian/FES

Together with our partners from Naharashabab we are proud that we were able to start for the fourth consecutive time a new generation for our Lebanese Young Leaders of Tomorrow (LYLOT) programme. Around 70 candidates came to the selection conference trying to snatch one of the 30 places for the two years programme.

In two and a half days all of them got brief training sessions in skills such as argumentation and conflict management but the main focus was laid on how the candidates themselves were presenting themselves. In different settings they discussed topics of today’s political reality and had the opportunities to present their own views and ideas.

In the end the jury had a rather hard job to do by selecting the to-be LYLOTies. However, even for those who were not chosen the two and a half days up in Harissa hopefully were an opportunity to make new friends and widen their horizon. For all the others – welcome to LYLOT IV!

  • Photo: Kevork Zeytounian/FES
  • Photo: Kevork Zeytounian/FES
  • Photo: Kevork Zeytounian/FES

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