Tuesday, 12.03.19 to Thursday, 14.03.19

Human rights between international conventions and Lebanese laws

Special training for 75 lawyers on Human rights matters with the aim of them sharing this in depth knowledge and new approach with fellow practitioners in the Lebanese justice system and society as a whole

Photo: FES Lebanon

Photo: FES Lebanon

"Human rights between international conventions and Lebanese laws". This was the focus of the intensified annual training course organized by the Institute for Human Rights in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation at the Bar Association of Beirut from the 12th till 14th March 2019.

The opening session was conducted by Deputy Dr. Michel Moussa, chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Council of Deputies, Mr. Armin Hasemann, resident representative of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Lebanon, and Director of the Institute for Human Rights, lawyer Elizabeth Zacharia Sioufi. The course included key human rights topics that were presented by different experts and judges.

Certificates were distributed to the lawyers who have participated in the course.

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