Enhancing the Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Skills of Chemicals Union Members

Training the chemicals unions’ leaders for the upcoming negotiations of the collective labor contracts agreement that will be discussed in 2020

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In cooperation with FES Lebanon and IndustriAll, the Union of Chemicals organized a 3 days’ workshop on collective labor agreements’ negotiations and bargaining.

The importance of these collective contracts is to regulate the labor relations between employers and workers and to protect the rights of the parties in written and documented contracts.

The workshop covered the laws and regulations governing collective labor contracts as well as mediation and arbitration.


The following unions participated in the training:


Petroleum Companies Union

Petroleum Companies Association

Union of Petroleum Workers

Gas Workers' Union

Workers Syndicate of the Chekka cement factory

Union of the Seblin cement factory

Electrical Tools Workers Syndicate

Plastic Lab Workers Union

Workers Syndicate of Paints

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