Tuesday, 11.12.18 to Monday, 24.12.18

Call for Trainers- Mechanisms of Political Change

Application should be submitted with an annexed resume detailing all relative work experience and educational attainment, a cover letter and at least two professional referees.

The proposed training, scheduled for 26-27 January 2019, will be the sixth one given to the class of 2019. The theme of the training will be “Mechanisms of Political Change”. Interested applicants must provide a comprehensive draft of their vision for the training session, compete with proposed exercises and training objectives.

Successful applicants are expected to accomplish the below tasks in the build-up and during the training. Please note that the below list is not exhaustive.

Develop and rollout a training agenda and methodology on the mechanisms of positive political change, while highlighting explicitly differences in mechanisms deployed by different actors.

Provide trainees with handon material during training session, including exercise booklets and reading material.

Provide clear, pertinent, and relatable examples of positive political changes, as well as minicase studies on the above-mentioned change, to participants.

Provide participants with a walkthrough on SWOT analysis techniques, with a focus on political change.

Divide participants into subgroups, depending on skill and political background, in preparation of a SWOT analysis of the group.

Monitor and moderate presentation of result of aboveindicated exercise.

Based on the previously indicated case studies and examples, guide groups of trainees through a design exercise about political change.

Monitor and moderate presentation of result of exercise, and foster an atmosphere of positive exchange.

Monitor and moderate session on cooperation and synergies between different actors in politics, with an emphasis on differences in working through political parties, nonprofits and civil society initiatives.

Develop indicators related to the training session.

Provide the program manager with three qualitative assessment questions for the participants, to gauge the effects of the training, as a postassessment tool.


Successful trainers will be provided with 500 USD a day in compensation, paid via check in Lebanese Pounds, and according to the monthly conversion rate for January 2019.

FES Lebanon fully covers the overnight stay of trainers in the hotel in which the training is held.

Trainer Specifications

Commensurate experience in designing and delivering trainings, preferably for audiences aged 2030, within a political or development context.

Excellent communication skills, in both English and Arabic.

Kindly send applications to abdulfattah.cheikh@fes-lebanon.org by 24 December 2018.

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