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Do You Have What it Takes to Lead?


About the Program

In-line with its strategic vision and with the aim of supporting emerging youth groups and empowering future leaders, FES-Lebanon has been implementing its Young Leaders program since 2015. Currently in its fourth version, the program’s objectives are twofold: firstly, to prepare young and capable young Lebanese by providing them with the necessary tools to both assume leadership roles in the future, and to incapacitate and empower them to work on carrying out activities of social and political relevance, pertinent to their vision of their country and its future. In addition, the programs aims to foster a culture of democracy and dialogue, and to provide participants with an interface with other young, motivated Lebanese citizens, who share a vision for and a belief in their country and its potential. The program also aims to provide participants with the platform to debate, discuss, advocate, and finally, advance their ideas and visions, and to share them with key stakeholders.

The program includes three key components. Initially, participants undergo a series of rigorous training on a variety of topics, ranging from politics to management. Participants then get the chance to put their acquired skills into practice through a series of policy discussions with key stakeholders, including MPs and ministers, public policy experts, academics, activists, and business executives. Through training and policy debates, participants are able to develop politically and socially relevant initiatives, pitch their projects and defend them in front of a screening committee, and then implement them through the technical and financial support from FES, thus concluding the program.


Young Leaders V: What to Expect

Keeping up with the ever-evolving needs of youths in Lebanon, FES has completely revamped the Young Leaders program for its fifth version. Activities scheduled for the upcoming class will begin in September 2019 and conclude in April 2021, with the selection conference scheduled for 19-21 July 2019.

Activities for Young Leaders V will be organized into three sub-components: training, policy discussions, and public initiatives. These activities will be spread over the duration of the program as fol-lows:



Introductory Module: Team Building, Group Work, and Communication Skills August 2019

The first training session of YL 5 will focus on fostering an environment that emphasizes cooperation. Participants will get the chance to familiarize themselves with the program and with one another. This training session will place an onus on innovative problem solving and on group dynamics, and will serve as the official kick off for the program.

Module 1: Introduction to Politics and Social Sciences September 2019- January 2020.

This module, composed of four training session, aims to give participants a broad, interdisciplinary overview of the basics of politics and of the social dynamics underlying public life. The content of this module will help participants develop a deeper understanding of issues facing modern Lebanon, all while providing them with the requisite tools to diagnose and think about said issues in a systematic and methodological way.

Module 2: Introduction to Management and Project Design February 2020- May 2020.

This module, composed of six training sessions, will provide participants with the technical tools that would allow them to implement socially relevant initiatives within their communities. This module’s sessions will focus on design thinking, project management, project impact, theory of change, and monitoring and evaluation.

Module 3: From Design to Implementation June 2020- July 2020.

This module aims to tie all training up to this point together. Participants will learn the basics of advocacy, campaigning, and consensus building, with the aim of getting various stakeholders behind their project and vision. In addition, participants will get an in-depth introduction on project funding, with a focus on crowd sourcing and resources management.

Module 4: Capacity Building September 2020- December 2020.

After a brief stop in August 2020, the program resumes with four open-content sessions, thus concluding the training component of Young Leaders V. Participants will be asked to map out their own training needs in July and August 2020. The curriculum and content of the training sessions, scheduled between September and December 2020 will be based on the findings of this mapping exercise.


Policy Discussions

October 2019- December 2020.

Participants will get the chance to test out their newly acquired skills and to discuss topics of public importance through open policy discussions, held in parallel with the ongoing training sessions. The respective sessions’ themes will draw inspiration from the content of the trainings, and from the discussions that arise in them. Young Leaders alumni from previous sessions, along with FES staff and program managers, will moderate sessions. The sessions will include contributions from key stake-holders, including ministers and MPs, academics, policy experts, executives from both private and public sector entities, including CSOs and NGOs, and civil society activists.

Within the same scope, and in-line with FES’ aims of promoting decentralization in Lebanon and em-powering local public administrations while increasing their autonomy and efficiency, participants will get the chance to organize policy debates in their respective areas, with the support of FES. For the purposes of these discussions, participants should prioritize cooperating with municipalities and local activists when organizing events, and should emphasize issues of local importance during the debates.

Within the course of the abovementioned policy discussions, participants will also get the chance to develop their own modules and methodologies to monitor the works of both the legislative and ex-ecutive branches of the state in Lebanon. This exercise will allow FES to lay the ground for a Shadow Government program, to be launched in the second half of 2020.


Implementing Socially and Politically Relevant Initiatives

December 2020- June 2021

After 16 months of activities, and starting in December 2020, participants will sort themselves into groups and will begin designing socially and politically relevant initiatives. Participants have until March 2021 to finalize the design of the initiatives and to test them on the ground, with the support of local public administrations, CSOs and activists. Participants will then pitch their respective initiatives to a panel hosted by FES, and, after a thorough evaluation, will receive financial contributions from the Foundation to help them expand their initiatives and to maximize their impact.


Profile of Participants

For the purposes of YL V, FES will recruit participants between the ages of 20 and 28. All applications will be treated equally, and will go through a thorough screening and vetting process. FES does not prioritize university majors, educational attainment, or career paths when evaluating applications; in-deed, FES will actively strive to have the most diverse group of participants possible. Religious back-ground, area of origin, gender and sexual orientation will not affect the final decision on any applica-tion.

FES highly encourages qualified females to apply, as well as participants from border areas.


How to Apply

Interested participants are required to send their applications to the email address apply.youngleaders@fes-lebanon.org

Applications should include the below documents:

-An updated resume, highlighting the applicant’s social and political engagements

-A cover letter that does not exceed one page in length, elaborating on the applicant’s interest in the program

-A small segment that explains what the applicant will gain from this program. This can be a written piece, a voice recording, or a small video segment.

-Two reference letters from individuals who can explain the applicant’s strong points and how they would fit into the program.

Applications will be screened on a rolling basis.

FES reserves the right to follow-up on any application. FES also reserves the right to call applicants for interviews before the selection conference.

Deadline for applications is Thursday 11 July 2019.

The selection conference is scheduled between 19 and 21 July 2019.

Lebanon Office

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